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Latest stories

Story 29 – Santa’s Candy Canes

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It was Santa. He’d just fallen off the roof. He’d been busying himself putting up Christmas lights on the roof of  

Story 28 – The Sleep Machine

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The Sleep Machine Thumbnail“Top Secret – Stay Out!” The sign read.

Rufus and Ruff had locked their invention far away from the prying eyes  

Story 27 – Dot’s Waxy Disaster

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“It’s so unsightly!” wailed Dot to her husband Mayor Piney.

Dot was a drama queen! Anything could set her off into an absolute frenzy!  

Story 26 – The Case of the Missing Biscuits (Part 1)

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Air Loopie has just baked a fresh batch of chocolate biscuits and had placed them neatly on the window ledge to cool.  

Loopie News

  • Dentist Stories

    28 Jan 2012

    Happy New Year Loopie Fans!!

    If you’re having trouble convincing your kids to go to the dentist try checking out Story 15 – Patch Goes to the Dentist – ! Its a really cute story and  

  • Christmas Stories

    16 Dec 2011

    Merry Christmas Loopie Fans,

    Remember to check out our Christmas Stories on Loopie World – Story 4 & Story 12!

  • Play Dough Recipe

    12 Dec 2011

    Hello Loopie Fans,

    Check out the new recipe added under the recipe section. You’ll be having fun for hours with this one!

  • Unblocked Premium Stories

    09 Dec 2011

    Hello Loopie Fans,

    I have unblocked story 14, 15 & 18 from the Premium Story section. They are now available for you to read in the Free Story section of the site. I’m in the process  

  • Audio Stories

    09 Dec 2011

    Hello Loopie Fans,

    Its been so long since I’ve been able to update the site, for two reasons, I’ve been suffering from severe “writer’s block” and I’ve been illustrating “Story 3 – Wusky’s Undersea Discovery” for  

  • News on Loopie Audio Stories

    18 Jun 2011

    I’m in the process of discovering some awesomely talented people to help me with the Loopie World Audio Stories. Please feel free to get in touch with me via the contact form on the Contact  

  • My Influences

    24 Apr 2010

    Click Here to view a list of my influences on writing my Loopie Stories

  • Partnering with Loopie World

    19 Oct 2009

    Partner with Loopie WorldWould you like to share your child friendly website link with Loopie World? We are in the process of building  

  • Premium Club Launching Soon

    09 Oct 2009

    open bookSome very exiting news for all who enjoy our stories is that we will soon be launching our Premium Club which will provide four