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Story 29 – Santa’s Candy Canes



It was Santa. He’d just fallen off the roof. He’d been busying himself putting up Christmas lights on the roof of his home, and slipped on the ice and fallen. View online

Story 28 – The Sleep Machine

The Sleep Machine Thumbnail“Top Secret – Stay Out!” The sign read.

Rufus and Ruff had locked their invention far away from the prying eyes of the Loopies. But today had been an emergency! Dollar D – the richest Loopie in Acersville had enlisted the Mayor’s help, in his militaristic manor, because he had been having trouble sleeping. View online

Story 27 – Dot’s Waxy Disaster

“It’s so unsightly!” wailed Dot to her husband Mayor Piney.

Dot was a drama queen! Anything could set her off into an absolute frenzy! This time it was a tiny hair on her chin that had grown a little out of control. It was black and a little curly. View online

Story 26 – The Case of the Missing Biscuits (Part 1)

Air Loopie has just baked a fresh batch of chocolate biscuits and had placed them neatly on the window ledge to cool. Air Loopie was an Air Glider and lived high on top of Mount Peakmore in the Great Loopie’s house. View online

Story 25 – The Cherry Pie Fiasco

It was the king’s birthday and a lot had to be done! Every year Crumpet would make ten Cherry Pies for the king and every year the King would thoroughly enjoy them! But this year was a little different. View online

Story 24 – The Violet Surprise Cake

You’ve arrived just in time, nice of you to drop by. The Loopies are busy decorating. You can help too if you like. It’s Granny’s birthday, she’s turning eighty today. That’s a lot of years for any Loopie! Granny is the oldest Loopie in Acresville and everybody’s favourite. View online

Story 21 – Rye’s Purple Wish Dragon

“Granny tell us a story!” asked the twins as they lay in bed one night.

Granny smiled and sat next to them.

“There is an old fairy tale told in Acresville about a Purple Wish Dragon.” She began. View online

Story 20 – The Sea Plug

Glug, glug, glug.

Snorkel, snorkel. Slurp.

The sounds filtered up from the ocean floor to the Sea Rogue, the sunken ship where the pirates Patch, Woody and Wallace slept. View online

Story 18 – Ruff Meets the Queen

Ruff’s bathroom was an absolute mess! Soap, face cloths and toothpaste littered the sink and the floor. The bath was full of cold dirty water and there were toothpaste splatters all over the mirror. View online

Story 17 – The Birthday Party

Rufus emerged from the bottom of his newest creation, covered in grease and paint.

“There she is Ruff!” he smiled proudly as he polished the front of the speed boat. View online